Welcome Message from Chris:   me1

“Greetings friends, family and neighbors of the 44th Senate District of New York State, and welcome to our page. You have taken the first step toward creating lasting change by visiting!  

I am running for State Senate to represent people just like you. The small business owners, the single parents who work two jobs, the family of 5 who can barely make ends meet despite both parents working. I’m fighting for those who are wondering how they can afford their winter bills when they make too much for assistance but have kids to put through college. I am fighting to protect children from child sexual abuse and to bring sexual predators to justice. You Deserve Better.

speakYou have the power to make a change. But yet we keep the same people in office and wonder why things only get worse. I am running because the incumbent, Neil Breslin, has been in office 20 years but the quality of life in our district has gone downhill for many. The fact is underemployment is rampant. Crime is spiking. Too many rely on government assistance. The middle class is being wiped out. Starting and running a business is harder than ever. Taxes are sky high, quality of government service has declined and countless individuals and businesses have left the area. We can and will do better.

This campaign is about motivation. It is about YOU. It’s about making a long-term impact, effecting change and planting the seeds to reverse the course we have been on. It is NOT too late. But how do we get there? See the issues to learn more and consider getting involved directly right now by volunteering and/or contributing to the cause today! Why? Because YOU Deserve Better.”