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You know what I intend to do. We are going to save our communities, create thousands of new jobs, provide raises to many, protect our teachers and students and let you live free. But the truth is that I simply cannot do this alone. With flyers, lawn signs, billboard and print media advertising strategically placed in the key locations of the district, our message will reach the masses. It’s about motivation. It’s about you. I need your help to ensure success.

Your generous donation will give us an enormous leg up. The powers that be have rigged the system with corporate donations and corrupt pay for play schemes. They fear us. Because they know that we can fight back with small donations from people just like you!  Please consider supporting this campaign with a donation today. $100, $50 even $20 donated will be a much needed sponsorship to support this campaign. Any amount invested in this campaign will go a long way to saving our small businesses, protecting our future and reversing the course New York State has been on. I’m running because YOU deserve better. Thank you for your support.

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